Hi my name is Krystal Harris and capturing moments on life's journey is my passion. Just a little about me, I was born and raised in North Carolina. Growing up, my mother understood the creativity that burned within me from drawing, to poetry to music. The little that she could do as a single parent, she did just make sure I had the bare essentials to explore all sides of my creativity. Fast forward and a civil engineering degree later, I still find myself obsessed with all forms of art.


I picked up a camera after letting go of a modeling career that afforded me the opportunity to work with some dope photogrpahers and that left an impression on me that opened my eyes to another sides of creativity.


I would never put myself in a box or limit my style. If there's a moment to be captured, I can't help but deliver! I absolutely love doing what I do and certainly can't imagine doing anything that doesn't involve photography, I hope this is reflected in what you see throughout my website.

Here's to a colorful journey!

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